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TheLostBoy said:
They should make a Kanye episode of Glee. The teacher did do a cover of Gold Digger but yeah.
I admit I watch Glee. First half of the first season was great television. It has fallen off a bit since then but still pretty good stuff. Honestly, if they did Kanye, I would really like it. But they're Gold Digger sucked (and I usually like their versions of songs just fine). I think mostly 808s covers would be dope.

And to the OP, I sort of like the idea, but I think Kanye sampling Don't Stop would be a bit too obvious. People were blown away by Eminem sampling No Love (or whoever had the idea) but I honestly thought it was too obvious. Kanye is dope because he samples old stuff/stuff that isn't super famous. Just look at LR. Even on 808s, we get a lesser known track from Tears for Fears on Coldest Winter, and some lesser known Alan Parsons Project songs. I love that.

Just my two cents.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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