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On his musical level back in the days looking at legendary beats like
1. This Cant be life - this beat put kanye on the map and is a legendary hip-hop classic
2. Guess who's back
3. Be intro - this beat is a song on its own
4. Encore - no other bigger hip hop anthem on the planet

even not Ruff Riders Anthem - fuck swizz :vom:

Timesitheus said:
LITW >>> anything Kanye has ever been involved with ever.
Co-sign...The production on LITW is amazing...AOTL also sounds epic...Those two tracks alone make Graduation sound outdated...Hearing those tracks was like hearing Stronger for the first time...Back in 2007 I've never ever heard any track like it before and honestly I thought he made Daft Punk song sound like shiiit...I was a Daft Punk stan at the time too...
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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