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Kanye West vs. Nirvana Cover Art

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So this is what Kanye was referring to ha!

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Y'all say 'great,' I say 'stupendous.'
Haha, I just think the word 'great' doesn't come close to doing Nevermind justice.

That is also one of my favourite covers; anyone can relate to the message, and Cobain was certainly on typically acerbic but hilarious form when he thought it up.
That Kid Eric said:
I thought it meant the same in this case :dno:
Oh undoubtedly. One of my faves and Cobain was one of the best things ever to happen to music. It's awful that his excellent music career turned his life into a slow and fatal trainwreck.

Nevermind is my favourite; most big Nirvana fans these days favour In Utero, in my experience.
That Kid Eric said:
:h5: Didn't know you were a Nirvana fan. Nevermind is one of my favorite albums of all time. It's a shame Kurt left us so soon.
Dude, you are the most indie guy I've ever seen on here. You can take that however you wish!
ecabney said:
Bleach >>>>>>>
There is a crowd of its own which would agree with you, haha!

Live At Reading might actually have become my favourite live album as soon as I saw/heard it last year though. That is one powerful document of how to play live, damn.
joe said:
I'm not trying to stand out from the crowd, but I honestly think "MTV Unplugged" is their best album.
For reals, that's my fave too! Crazy that my favourite Nirvana song is a b-side, but it's seriously stunning, and I agree that it smacks even harder live.
joe said:
That is a great album as well. "Aneurysm" is my favorite song of theirs,and there's nothing like it live.
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