Kanye to The banner

Kanye West On Live .....

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On My Local Radio Station ...

@ http://streaming.power953.com/_players/coxradio/index.php?callsign=WPYOFM

Just Thought I'll Share It With Ya'll...

Part 1

(Download Link)


Part 2

(Download Link

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They gonna drop a single.  And hell yeah she's going after the Bush thing.
Yeah, semtex is in with us, so we can ask him to ask questions.
The Semtex Stan said:
Every interview is pretty much the same. Kanye go on Semtex
***** wtf is on top of your avy! lol
Nakeeed Pics!!!

How come Kanye's laugh sounded really fake?
Hmmm......do I really want to hear Kanye talk about his penis?


Chamelio S. said:
How come Kanye's laugh sounded really fake?
it actually sounded recorded! she probably took it off the flex interview!
MrMido21 said:
it actually sounded recorded! she probably took it off the flex interview!
That's what I was thinking.
Every interview, its ALWAYS the same questions:
1) they just ignore his album basically, and go straight to WTT questions
2) Taylor Swift backlash/Bush Comments
3) his "Hey"

and they always say "alot of people have been wondering about this, or wanna know this" NO BITCH, WE WANNA KNOW ABOUT THE FUCKIN TRACKLIST!!!!!!
Ean said:
exactly... exactly... but most ppl listening are most likely not advid kanye fans and havent heard him talk about that shit soo i guess... not exactly.. haha
true, i guess thats the price of being on KTT and always updated.
*Cuts off stream* seems like this is the flex,z100 etc interview put in one lol fuck this and the shit there playing is boring as fuck

fuck this im not bout to listen to this for 4 hrsd just to hear him say a couple of sentences then they play 10 songs
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Stinky said:
this is def pre recorded.. theres no way kanye would wait for like 40 mins straightt bn
They just want people to keep listening so they can get more ratings.... Possibly they stretched the interview! Its one of those scenarios of "Saving The Best For Last"
161 - 180 of 200 Posts
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