Kanye to The banner

Kanye West On Live .....

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On My Local Radio Station ...

@ http://streaming.power953.com/_players/coxradio/index.php?callsign=WPYOFM

Just Thought I'll Share It With Ya'll...

Part 1

(Download Link)


Part 2

(Download Link

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DeePhenom said:
I requested Kanye West - Blame Game.

The Sparrow said:
l wish i was trollin'! check it!
The Sparrow said:
skyhigh said:
bitch your name is rihanna
Chill. I <3 RiRi. Don't hate on Ye's little sister.
The Sparrow said:
bitch killed my dragonite... fuck....
USE MEWTO QUICK !!!!!!!!!!!
YeezyDude said:
Chill. I <3 RiRi. Don't hate on Ye's little sister.
Herbie said:
Request Runaway everybody
They got pictures of Ye and Kim?

Now all we need is that sex tape.

one of my fav songs at the moment, I hated Only Girl but What's My Name is sick
WHERE THE FUCK IS KANYE !?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!

YeezyDude said:

Rihanna Damn that voice/body. :allears:
101 - 120 of 200 Posts
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