Kanye to The banner

Kanye West On Live .....

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On My Local Radio Station ...

@ http://streaming.power953.com/_players/coxradio/index.php?callsign=WPYOFM

Just Thought I'll Share It With Ya'll...

Part 1

(Download Link)


Part 2

(Download Link

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YeezyDude said:
No he's not.
Yes He Is!

He Was Just Talking To The DJ. They Playing Music Right Now But He's Coming Back On.
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YeezyDude said:
Oh my bad. Did they say anything important?
Honestly I dont know I just turned it on there.
BcB said:
doesnt sound like him
he sound sick or tired lol
Kenny Powers said:
these ads suck.
this is what i go through everyday smh
iHateFJ said:
am sorry for orlando for having this as their hip-hop station
Kenny Powers said:
Orlando takes another L for their hip-hop station playing awful music. First they get wrecked by the Heat and now this :facepalm:
Even Though Im Not A Magics Fan....
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I Guess After This Song They Gone Ask Him More Questions :work:
Hope ya'll enjoying the pain i go through everyday :work:
Stinky said:
this is def pre recorded.. theres no way kanye would wait for like 40 mins straightt bn
They just want people to keep listening so they can get more ratings.... Possibly they stretched the interview! Its one of those scenarios of "Saving The Best For Last"
YeezyDude said:
And he's back...
now he's gone :work:
At Least They Playing A Kanye Song Now...
its not fake but the interview isnt really live i think... honestly idk
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