Kanye to The banner

Kanye West On Live .....

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On My Local Radio Station ...

@ http://streaming.power953.com/_players/coxradio/index.php?callsign=WPYOFM

Just Thought I'll Share It With Ya'll...

Part 1

(Download Link)


Part 2

(Download Link

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why doesnt kanye go on tv, he is just doing radio interviews
YeezyDude said:
You didn't watch his interview on this Ellen show?
i did but in the last week he has done like 5-6 radio interviews and 0 tv interviews
is this live? cuz she should ask about today's good friday
i dont think i can listen to like a g6, like this song sucks so much, how can ppl like it
omg another song, kanye should just hang up
omg this is worse than hot 97, at least they were playing kanye :facepalm:
1 - 10 of 200 Posts
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