Kanye to The banner

Kanye West On Live .....

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On My Local Radio Station ...

@ http://streaming.power953.com/_players/coxradio/index.php?callsign=WPYOFM

Just Thought I'll Share It With Ya'll...

Part 1

(Download Link)


Part 2

(Download Link

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Charlie Wilson musta had something to do with this!  G.O.O.D.
zryii said:
He did a song with Snoop :wom:
imma bitch slap this host!
this's #1 on ituens now!
l wish i was trollin'! check it!
The Sparrow said:
well, ppl like 'em  :kanyeshrug:
Bunnyjump said:
so did G6
if Kanye had any pride left in him, he'd hang up!  :kanyeshrug:
definitely, this just aint right!
devjo said:
This shit has to be prerecorded there is no way he's still on the phone
damn i feel sorry for 'Ye! he has to repeat the same shit for like 56937629291 times!
***** wtf is on top of your avy! lol
The Semtex Stan said:
Every interview is pretty much the same. Kanye go on Semtex
it actually sounded recorded! she probably took it off the flex interview!
Chamelio S. said:
How come Kanye's laugh sounded really fake?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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