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We all know the promotion strategy for Yeezus: no promotion. Some people were saying that they'd be surprised if Kanye did big numbers on Yeezus with no promotion, but if you look deeper into it, you'll see how that could have been the best possible situation if done correct with a top tier artist such as Kanye. No single, no artwork, no preorder, nothing. But when you are a top tier artist (Kanye, Hov, Drake, Wayne) and you have a very stable fanbase, do you really need all of this? In fact, by doing the OPPOSITE, Kanye raised even more intrigue about Yeezus. We were hearing from people like Malik that it would be a "throwback to the black experience era" so that made us wonder what it would sound like. Then Kanye projects New Slaves and the snippets from the Hudson Mohawke shows start coming in and we begin wondering how this will all sound like together. A song like On Sight and New Slaves on the same album, tf? Vine eventually became our go to tool for live shows since they were instant and it gave us a slight understand of what was going on at the shows before the full videos were uploaded to YouTube. Then Kanye uploads the Bound 2 snippet to his website, and that confuses us even more on what the album would sound like. Electro like On Sight? Angry like New Slaves and Black Skinhead? Soulful like Bound? What is Kanye doing? And on top of all of this, we knew there was the track I Am A God, but for some strange reason, no Vine had a good snippet of the song :oblivious: Finally, Kanye has the listening session in NYC, and that is where my theory gains its support from. In his speech, Kanye said something along the lines of "Want to sell more music? Make better music." Kanye knew that by doing nothing, he would basically rely on his name and his fanbase for sales. I mean, after 3 years of wanting a solo album, who wouldn't be excited and hyped? :kanyeshrug:

TL;DR: Kanye knew by doing nothing, he could still sell. He exploited our hype but still delivered. Hova taught him
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