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Kanye West Library Of A Legend Project

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Would anybody be interested in creating a Library Of A Legend compilation for Kanye similarly to what was done for Jay a few years back, including all his tracks that aren't on albums or official mixtapes, including features etc. It's really th eonly way we'll be able to have complete Kanye collections, plus I'm sure there's tracks that most members here have never heard that they'd finally have the opportunity to hear.
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Ill do this, when its the weekend. I have 400+ Kanye songs, sooooo
Mossified84 said:
I have 706 kanYe songs on my ipod. Some are doubles of course:

BET Presents: The Education Of kanYe West
Can't Tell Me Nothing: The Official Mixtape
The College Dropout (Advance, OG, and Re-Mastered)
The College Dropout (Video Anthology)
Sky High: The Mixtape
A compilation of songs that aren't on Albums or Features (39 Songs)
Freshman Adjustment 1, 2, and 3
G.O.O.D. Fridays
Get Well SOon (The Mixtape)
Glow In The Dark Instrumentals (Included with the book)
Glow In The Dark (Live Audio From Singapore)
Good Ass Mixtape
kanYe West: The Guest Verses (96 Featured Verse Songs)
kanYe West: The Lost Tapes Pt. 1 & 2
Late Orchestration
Late Registration
Live At The Facebook Offices
Live At The Gibson Amphitheatre
Live From The Chicago Theatre (Fuse Concert)
Love Lockdown (Single + Stems From kanYe's Universecity.com)
The Graduate Mixtape
MTV Presents: The Life & Rhymes of kanYe West
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of kanYe West
Semester Over Seas 05: Live In Amsterdam
vh1 Storytellers
Welcome To kanYe's Soul Mix Show
808's & Heartbreak (Kaws Edition + Leaked Track Version)
Hmm, you wanna help me out with this then?
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TheCollegeDropout said:
yeah im liking this idea.. hopefully these fellas can come through
So, just take all the songs I want to put in there, and upload them?
TheCollegeDropout said:
yeah that sounds good
Alright, Ill start working on it tomorrow
Whosyourchaddy said:
oh thats right. cause i know i don't have all of them but i have more towards 105. i should get em all tho
This library of a legend should help your collection.
I'm gonna post his best songs, features, live versions, and lesser known songs, freestyles, and lesser known songs. Aiming for about 150-250
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