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1995stillalive said:
Aint been on here in a minute...i was trying to avoid the shitstorm following the album drop, but heres my opinion if anyone cares....

The album had lots of potential but ultimately fell flat.
Closed on sunday sounded beautiful but ofcourse the chickfila bars ruined it. Especially at the end..."chickfila!!!!" Dafuk is kanye doin?
Use this gospel just felt awkward & structured pretty weird. I like the clipse, i like kenny g. But something just felt sooo off. I was reallly looking forward to this track because that leak was crazy... but its not a terrible song, they coulda done without pierres beat at the end tho.
Follow God... the sampling was great, beat itself was meh... (didnt kanye say he wasnt gonna use programmed drums & highhats?) Nothin goin on lyrically tbh
On God is my favorite (which isnt saying much) its the most honest & introspective.
Most other tracks are honestly pretty forgettable.
The last track with the horns is criminally short.

Verdict.... 5/10 (crazy that i appreciate the "ye" album so much more now)
Album kinda feels forced in the sense that this isnt kanyes true self & hes holding back. I can honestly say ive only listened to the album once or twice and probably wont listen again, this isnt for me. & im christian lol. If gospel music truly is where kanye is headed then im pretty much never lookin forward to new ye. (Besides KSG)

P.s. Yandhi woulda been a MASTERPIECE!!
188821 - 188840 of 188877 Posts