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Kanye special on BBC 1Xtra / Shout out from Semtex!

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Our favorite DJ, Semtex, is running a Kanye special right now!

Stream: http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/

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I hope this goes on bbciplayer later so i can listen on my ps3
KennyWest said:
I'm exactly the same, Tinie Tempah is one of the few who I actually like and think has potential. Trouble is when i'd got his album I thought it was really good but I was skipping the singles because i'd heard them so much lol

But i've never come across any UK rap/hip hop act I would rate as highly as the US rappers.
Tinie Tempah, i would also say is the best of them but it wouldnt be very hard.
How Tinchy Stryder ever got a number 1 single, ill never know
i have lived in the UK my whole life and i am yet to find a british rapper i enjoy listening to
Everyone follow the Semtex team on twitter, their trying to get 500 followers before christmas
261 - 264 of 264 Posts
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