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Kanye special on BBC 1Xtra / Shout out from Semtex!

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Our favorite DJ, Semtex, is running a Kanye special right now!

Stream: http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/

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Liquid said:

they are just talking about kanye..

that he is the best music artist ever..

so..nothing new
Well, I thought it was interesting to hear Asher Roth talking about The College Dropout
TheAtu said:
Change the title of this thread to

I'm not able to do that. Sorry
Wow so dope to hear Ye from back in the day
TheAtu said:
wats the song in the background?
Prolly just some random beat :dno:
Cappie said:
kanYe doesn't dance. He walks, wherever he wants  :problem?:

hahahan lmfao ive never seen that shit before :awesome: funniest shit ever!!
krew82 said:
slow jams!!!
That's my shit
One of my favs
Cappie said:
There's an "Explicit Version" of "School Spirit". Someone Posted here...
No physical release, just at "iTunes Explicit" of the Album.
I love how Ye censored this song
S said:
Mybe I should send Semtext a DM on Twitter...
Yes! Tell him to give us a shout out :awesome:
Dptkelly said:
Im too cool for the safe belt.
Yo fuck you Kanye
Raise your glasses to sky and HERES TO THE ROC
Mike Deli said:
just got on..this is uncensored...it can't be regular radio?
Marty said:
played the whole album from start to finish tbh no interruptions
Is someone recording cuz Semtex might give us a shout out?
Marty said:
its available to listen to a week after so it's all good
Black Mamba said:
kanye needs an outro like this on the new album  he should talk about what he did the whole time after the taylor swift shit
No he should take about everything after The College Dropout
1 - 20 of 264 Posts
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