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Kanye special on BBC 1Xtra / Shout out from Semtex!

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Our favorite DJ, Semtex, is running a Kanye special right now!

Stream: http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/

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TheAtu said:
Wat song is this?? fuck the money ft b.o.b or sumfin like that
Asher Roth - Fuck the Money with B.O.B, is produced by Ye
Omari said:
damn i fink semtex the only famous guy in the uk that knows ye got an album out
Know what you mean man, the nearest we've had to promo is Power being number 30 something, and being used on a Social Networking trailer.
Omari said:
yh man that social networking trailer was the only thing that got people down here aware of power. ffs. is ye fallin off? hope not man.
Nah hopefully Runaway will blow up, Radio 1 have put it on Playlist B and it doesn't drop for a few weeks yet.
Plus we got AOTL to come!
Omari said:
well AOTL better release around the same time as the U.S, coz that song has mad potential, i fink it can debut at number 1, its pure genius from kanye.

i hate the x factor but i fink performing on there will give him the uk hype he needs atm.
Yea it probably would, though I can't really see it being something Ye would everr do tbh. He always wants shows to be inch perfect and his way, and XFactor would make him do certain things and perform for a set amount of time etc.
No I dont know what it is but i can add up all the change in your purse verry fast  :D
Mayonnaise colored benz, i push miracle whips
Nabil West said:
Was "Wow" ever released?
Was on Freshman Adjustment
Nabil West said:
Oh which one? Never listened to any of the three mixtapes :dno:
On the original 1st one, with the red cover.
YeezyDude said:
Okay thanks. What Kanye stuff did he play?
Played CD in full, skits and all
1 - 17 of 264 Posts
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