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Kanye says he is a top 3 in every field

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He also talks that he listened music for 3 days to pick Live Fast, Die Young sample.
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"I do have a goal to be the greatest artist of all-time...But that's going to be hard since I can't dance or sing"
no, not really
Mike Deli said:
'This that Yeezy you all love...we back baby...we the greatest in the world'

Indeed :yay:

for sure.

he's number 1 for performer tho, that's not even close.
stans in this thread  :twisted:
stans in every thread...get used to it
KaramuKarim said:
stans in this thread  :twisted:
Can't read the article from work.  What fields are these? 

Producer << possibly
Artist <<probably
Rapper << nah
Performer <<debatable
someones hyper.... cudi whatcha been giving kanye or kanye what did you give to cudi :p
in my books yes he is but when it comes down to skill i think producer wise prob rapper skill wise like 8.. he has some weak raps but really good ones too just some he doesnt seem to give a fuck what he says performer yes best dressed i guess haha..
top 3?? i'll give him top 5 easily. but top 3 is a stretch for EVERY category
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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