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I know ima sound gay sayin this, but whats gayer than being a YeezyStan right  :dno:

The ballerinas in all of kanyes videos and performances SUCK. For the most part they arent even doing ballet, just moving around and striking poses while in ballerina attire. At the vma's the girls werent even doing any ballet positions, at the SNL performance the girl fell out of her turn...

idk if hes trying to say something by having ballerinas do ugly movements, or if he just know little about dance.

that or the choreographer fucking sucks and needs to be fired immediately

im sorry but women who've been training ballet every day of their life since childhood can do a LOT more than strike poses and lift their leg up. ANY flexible person with middle splits can do that. IF he's gonna throw ballet in there at least he should do it right.

I was a dancer for awhile so thats why it's starting to really bother me when i see all the shitty ass choreography
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