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KanYe LiVe Mixtape...

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I did this for my own listening but I uploaded it just to share with yall...and see if yall like it..


1. Through the Wire with J. Legend
2.Runaway SNL
3. Stronger with Daft Punk
4. Power SNL
5.Power Freestyle
6. Gold digger/touch the sky/diamonds/stronger/jesus walks medley
7.Cant Tell me Nothing/ Good Life
8. Everything i am freestyle
9. I Wonder Freestyle
10. Common and Kanye- the Food
11. Eat Sh** Die freestyle
12. GOOD music Cypher
13. Wake Up SHow Cypher
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ill listen to this tommorow looks like a good tracklist
Yea man. Hope more people give it a chance. Its a must for kanye fans.
good music cypher is dirty?
Yea Dj Premier released a dirty version of it a couple days after it aired
good looks ! Kanye live stand up
hows the quality?

youtube rips? :/
this is great! anyone made one of the secret rosewood show he did?
Liquid said:
KanYe LiVe Mixtape...

Live performances....
Nothing wrong with that.

I'll listen to it soon as possible.
Some are YouTube rips but I enhanced audio on them.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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