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"Sometimes life as a deejay is amazing. Sometimes life as a deejay is repetitive and monotonous, like any career. Last night fell into the first category. I got a call from my 4AM homie Jus Ske like "stop what you are doing and meet me at The Darby." I finished up what I was working on and headed over there… and what a night.

We ended up deejaying the top-secret afterparty for Jay-Z and Kanye's exclusive "Watch The Throne" VIP listening event and it was amazing. A who's who of pop culture in 2011 was in this room… Jay, Kanye, Nas, A-Trak, Khaled, A-Trak and more. And everyone was partying to the soundtrack we provided. The best thing about playing for a room of music insiders is you can just play from the heart, and not worry about throwing in silly top-40 girl anthems. And that's exactly what we did.

Jus started off with a great set of Jay-Z rarities and Jay/Nas collabos ("Success!") and Jay was sitting in the corner bobbing his head, rapping with all the songs. The highlight for me was when he played Biggie's "Realms Of Junior Mafia" and Jay went nuts.

Then it was my turn… as I got on, Kanye jumped up on a couch and took control of the room so I intro'd with "Dark Fantasy" and so we began. After running thru my favorite Kanye hits and album tracks… (my favorite: "Thru The Wire" - his favorite: "Can't Tell Me Nothing") it was time for the big moment: "Otis." I swear, we must have stopped and restarted that song about 5 times and Jay and Kanye enjoyed the crowd mouthing every word to their new classic.

After that, I was able to dig a little deeper, playing some remixes from my Viva La Hova project, some old Kanye/Jay blends I had in the stash (Jay's face when I mixed "Heart Of The City" over "We Major" was priceless), and even some live Jay-Z "Unplugged" audio.

The personal highlight for me was when I played "Big Brother" and Kanye basically rapped the entire thing with Jay right there. Seemed like a perfect way to end a night celebrating a momentous album from the two most talented people in hip-hop right now.

All in all, an amazing night. Make sure you cop "Watch The Throne" when it drops on August 8th!"

by Mike Boogie

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