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This isn't really original, but after watching the movie I have come to some conclusions (which are more related to Kanye and not the movie)...and I don't even consider myself a stan for these, just opinions I feel strongly about:

1. Ye is more unique than anyone else. As far as rap/hip-hop goes, well first of all, I don't even categorize Ye like that anymore, I call him a musical artist. But as far as comparing him to other hip-hop artists, he is making music that is on another level from anyone else (just my opinion). I hate to pick on Eminem, but listen to Love the Way you Lie or No Love or Not Afraid...all good songs to me, pretty good-great lyrically, Eminem certainly has one of the best flows of anyone working today, better than Ye, but they are nothing special. Just...songs. A nice single. Forgettable. Radio played. Now listen to Lost in the World or Dark Fantasy or Blame Game (the three songs that mindfucked me the most in the movie)...who the FUCK sounds like that?

2. He can do commercial or not commercial. Kanye can do commercial without seeming cliche. I stand by that Stronger, one of his biggest commercial hits, is yes, is/was a huge radio hit, but it is also a great song. Now I am not one of those hipster fuckers that thinks that mainstream music = bad music, but most shit on the radio sounds EXACTLY the same. Stronger was refreshing. I can say the same thing about AOTL. Everyone says it will be huge. If this is true, Ye has successfully made a song that can be commercially successful without seeming trite and like everything else. Not easy to do.

3. Lyrically, it appears he has never been better. Or at least he can be better than he ever has. I don't think most people would consider "I sent this bitch a picture of my dick" to be very meaningful. I stand by that Runaway is a very deep song wrought with meaning, but I understand people thinking it is a bit silly in parts. But take Dark Fantasy...holy shit, Ye kills it on there. I don't think I have ever heard him like that, it isn't silly really, it is just badass as hell and fire. LITW is particularly good too.

4. Ye is no longer a hip-hop artists to me. Yes, MBDTF sounds mostly like a hip-hop album, but Ye already showed us he can genre jump with 808s. On Runaway he sings, on some songs it sounds like he is half-singing/half rapping. Ye has broken down every wall.

5. Ye is better and different than he has ever been.  Of course many will disagree, but I think this stuff is on another level from almost everything he has made in the past. Maybe it is because it is so different, which is another thing to compliment him for, progression, but better too in my eyes. I don't see the Graduation/808s mix, I just see something completely different. It sounds so damn fresh.

Anyway, thanks for reading, obviously these are just my opinions, you are welcome to disagree, I am happy to discuss.
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