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Kanye is playing a SECRET SHOW right now! Played Runaway WITH samples (no beat machine)

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" And, yeah, West wasn’t kidding earlier tonight when he said, “people think they’ve heard these songs, but they haven’t.” The version of “Runaway” he played tonight incorporated pre-recorded vocal samples similar to the ones from the VMA’s." - Consequence of Sound
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Stormo. said:
My bro was there I think. Said it was insane
so was he there or wasnt he?? if so then thats fuckin dope as shit
ThreeOhFiive said:
Why wouldnt he be?
Kanye rapped his verse i know he probably is but hey
kanye needs to stop forgetting his lyrics, but its always funny when he does though.
Drewbert316 said:
Hmm i wonder if pusha t is on the album version of runaway
why would he take him out?
Commish Swag said:
yes because the outfit kanye wears determines whether or not its a real performance lol.
sidebar: kanye must be takin Jack3d an rapin the shit outta the weight room cuz the ****** arms is lookin huge
so we know that it was after Runaway premiered :facepalm:
Steve said:
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Hmmm... even when performing Devil in a new dress it cuts out. Is he trying to hide the rest of the song from us THAAT much? Either 1: that hwas to be the end or 2: the last part is too epic to be given out at this point. Im hoping its the 2nd one LOL
I really really want to see Mr. West perform this new album live

Twitty said:
so we know that it was after Runaway premiered :facepalm:thx
hah i know, jus makin jokes. but for real, kanye gettin ripped
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