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Kanye doesnt REALLY freestyle

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kinda noticed this on the Funk Master Flex show & every other time he's been put on the spot.
he always does some line he's gonna spit on a track

tbh i think its pretty cool for a stan cuz you know whats on his mind
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you are the dumbest motherfucker ever if you think em's bars on westwood were freestyled lol..
imiweli said:
freestyling and battle rappers arent big in the game anymore

eminem is probs the only mainstream rapper that can freestyle well - check out his stuff on tim westwood
I don't even mind this. Though, it seems like Pusha is freestyling. hahaha.
I wouldnt be surprised if this was pre-planned tbh
DivInMo said:
I'd say most parts of this are freestyled:

Chiddy Bang freestyles off the top and its good

41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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