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Kanye doesnt REALLY freestyle

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kinda noticed this on the Funk Master Flex show & every other time he's been put on the spot.
he always does some line he's gonna spit on a track

tbh i think its pretty cool for a stan cuz you know whats on his mind
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he hasfreestyled many times b4..so to say he doenst really freestyle is kinda dumb
CHEEZY said:
not really... every vid i've seen is either unreleased, a feature in another song, or album shit.
i heard his crazy cool 1 but i found out it was on a dwele song
id run out of fingers if id count all the times kanye has legitimately freestyled. you obviously just havent seen em and i dont wanna waste my time looking for all youtube vids to prove it to ya but i can describe some..for example... kanye fucking up during a live performance and forced to make up shit on the spot..thats like 4 times right there
TheLostBoy said:
Common still freestyles off the dome
yeah except he doesnt even rhyme most of the time so its prob easy 4 him haha
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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