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Kanye didn't produce his 2 best songs (instrumentally).

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Flashing Lights
Devil in a New Dress

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philippe said:
That was Just Blaze. And absolutely no Kanye input production wise (if I'm not mistaken)
I know, that's why I said it..should have said "too" instead of "though"

such a disappointment when I realized Ye didn't produce it
philippe said:
Yeah that sample mixtape he put out he confirmed that. Brian Miller made that beat, but I think Kanye "produced" it :dno:

"This is actually one of my favorite beats that I didn't really do. Brian (?) Miller did this beat, and he was supposed to get co-producer credit on it, and then they ain't give him credit on the album and it just had my name and everybody come up to me in the party and say 'I love this beat' and I would say 'Hey, thanks'"
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1 - 3 of 110 Posts
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