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Thanks for all of the support and comments that you guys gave me. I wanted to update my timeline with donda and fix up some things.

Graduation: Kanye graduates from high school. He worked a great job and was able to support his family and move from the hardships of Chicago to LA. He talks about how even when he graduated he had a clear cut goal and was able to reach it and get to colleg.

Late Registration: Kanye moves on to college but doesn’t feel at home. He feels like an outsider and while he does get a new partner he still reminisces about his old days in the chi growing up and living there with his old girl. Even more tragedy strikes as his grandmother nearly dies. Even with all his wealth he still feels alone.

The college dropout: Kanye, unhappy with his current life trajector, drops out of colleg, and tries to find success in other things. He works at a store but his manager upsets himself so he quits. He then becomes a producer for hire working at small venues before landing with Roc A Fella rapper Beanie Seigel. He works his way up to producing for Jay Z, and even gets to make music himself. He treats his mom to the best of the best.

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy: Kanye reaches a low point, with a series of inappropriate comments, but then makes his magnum opus. He invite all of the popular artists to come record with him and changes the public eye of himself. He expresses all of his feelings and everyone praises the album. Even his mother is happy and his fiancé.

808 and Heartbreak: After his highest point, Kanye sinks down to another low. His mother, donda, dies of multiple injuries, his fiancé dumps him, and he makes a series of embarrassing comments. He expresses his emotions through song. He does get over it, but when he does he turns to Christ.

Jesus is king: Kanye turns to Christ, and wants his entire family to praise him. They all join as he supports Christian groups. Even though he turned to Christ it didn’t stop him from making comments which would turn the world against him once again.

Ye: Kanye speaks openly about his battle with bi-polar disorder. Even though no one wants to agree with him, people sympathize with him. Because of his new breakthrough in popularit, he begins going back to his old non Christian ways.

The life of Pablo: Faced with crippling debt, he faced with the choice of the family life or the life of a celebrity. While that’s going on he’s also facing a crisis with his religion. All of these culminate in him choosing the celebrity lif.

Watch the throne: Kanye now living his celebrity life style, still has doubts about what happen. While he acts above god, he doesn’t believe it. He still cares about social issues and doesn't need to rap about women. He still enjoys his celebrity life

Yeezus: Kanye no longer cares about his religion at all. He’s completely chose the celebrity life. He’s changed and now wants to fuck women and disrespect them later. His family becomes tired of his lifestyle.

Donda: With his family gone, Kanye is alone and turns back to Christ. While incorporating not being able to completely leave the celebrity life, he now becomes a man of god. Using artists to spread the message of Christianity.

And thats my timeline. I changed it quite a bit from last time so it’s better. Hope you guys enjoyed
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