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What's good guys, thought this would be the right place to share this. I'm 20, and I run the hip hop Youtube channel called "Kids Take Over" where I get to interview a ton of rap artists. I've been a Kanye fan for the longest time and absolutely was PISSED when Yandhi didn't drop. I've been so fascinated with the leaks, that I decided to put together this short doc where I piece together why it is that Kanye REALLY never dropped Yandhi (other than Jesus Christ doing the laundry).

I used my industry connections, and called up some Kanye affiliates so that they could speak on it. There's footage from me talking to Mike Dean about Kanye putting in less effort during the "Ye" era, me talking to Ronny J about Kanye postponing Yandhi to go to Africa, Pi'erre Bourne talking to me about how Kanye's Christian turn was REALLY cause he changed, and nothing fake.

My favourite call was actually Desiigner (recently left G.O.O.D Music), because he had so much to get off his chest about Kanye. He talked about making "City in the Sky", and how upset he was when Yandhi got scrapped, because Kanye had him, along with so many other crazy artists in these studio session rooms, yet Kanye himself would never even show up. He then talks about how he felt used by Kanye, and not getting any attention (specifically said Kanye wouldn't even wish him a happy birthday). I have a full interview of this where he goes in way more depth coming out next week.

Also, I called up Keyon Christ, who was a former producer signed to G.O.O.D Music (you probably know him from the work he did on TLOP like FML). He started telling me his thoughts on why he thinks Yandhi got scrapped, and how literally nobody knows what will make the final cut, until the actual release day. He compares this to working with Rihanna, where everyone is on the same page about every decision being made. Apparently Kanye scrapped a ton of his material for TLOP the day it dropped. Super cool guy and his music is unreal btw.

Overall came to a consensus after talking to all these affiliates, that Ye's goals rn aren't to drop a dope critically acclaimed album, rather, he wants to change the entire world (building homes, running for PRESIDENT, being the only rapper to make Christian music, etc). His mind was already set on JIK during those Yandhi sessions.

Hope y'all enjoy the vid, it took me over 2 months to make this and piece it together for all hip hop fans who realize how GOOD Yandhi really was.

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