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Just saw the Purge 3, Metro Boomin takin' up an acting career?

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Just saw Metro Boomin in the new Purge movie, he was standin' in the background holdin an AK
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navy. said:
why everyone gotta lie :fly:

the only movie he was in was Hard Ball yall should know that.
He was originally supposed to play the black groom in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.
Metro Boomin casted as Miles in the new Spiderman
Is metro boomin being in movies the new ktt meme?
Wasn't he the bitch ass orphan in like Mike
BK said:
Saw him in this porno his dick was huge but you shoulda seen the other guys
Zaytoven has a pretty small dick for a black dude
cant wait to see his part in suicide squad
DebbieTheRapper said:
He's uncredited, they didnt put his name in, just like in Zootopia
But tHere's a list of uncredited people on tHat site :what:
Earth Angel said:
I don't understand this thread.
spock said:
cant wait to see his part in suicide squad
Yeah, he was also a Wakandian officer in the new Captain America. Had like 2 lines.
gon shoot ya
he should have won an Oscar for his part in the planet of the apes reboot
When he came out in the last episode of s5 game of thrones :banderas:
memphis bleek said:
Metro boomin want sum roles *****
61 - 80 of 85 Posts
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