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Just got a treadmill

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what are some tips for this? how much should I run/walk each day to lose weight?
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Nader said:
stupidest thing you could have ever done tbh, just go outside and get some fresh air.

about losing weight all u have to do is eat less energy (calories) than your body needs
I dont like jogging outside that much, and the treadmill is in the backyard
Nader said:
i think you should return it (or sell it?) and spend the money on a gym membership
nah i dont want to go to the gym. dont want to be get muscular or anything, jsut lose weight. oh, and eat healty too.
i just got it yesterday, not gonna return it :cmon:
Nader said:
so you just want to be skinny?
yea, shed some pounds
Nader said:
but im warning you, you will also lose muscle that will make you look less appealing
thats fine
Nader said:
alright, suit urself. all u have to do is cut down on ur food, thats it.
for sure im doing that. Cutting down on the food & jogging/walking everyday will surely help
Nader said:
also be patient
yes of course :)
Nader said:
well good luck then, hope you will reach your goal
whats so funny about this :work:
Alright did one mile today (first day) and burned 125 calories. I alternated between 3mph & 4mph. Shins hurt lol
have you been running or are you just starting to?
been jogging
you should do 4 miles a day, 4-5 days per week
4 miles??? thats a lot. I jog at a slow pace
1 - 13 of 67 Posts
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