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Junior Seau drives off cliff, hospitalized

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Former NFL star linebacker Junior Seau drove off a cliff and was hospitalized with minor injuries Monday, less than nine hours after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

The 12-time Pro Bowler's white Cadillac SUV was found on the beach about 100 feet below the roadside, said Carlsbad police Lt. Kelly Cain. Cain said it wasn't a sheer cliff, but was a significant, rough slope. Seau was taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital in San Diego.

Seau's 25-year-old live-in girlfriend told authorities that Seau assaulted her during an argument Sunday night at his Oceanside home, according to Oceanside police. She appeared to have minor injuries and did not require medical treatment.

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:wom:. #thankyoubasedgod he didn't suffer anything bad.
And smh @ him beating his girl. I know young girls are stupid but c'mon...
why the hell did he drive off a cliff?  wasn't attempted suicide was it?

pretty crazy shit though, sucks he beat a woman (how stupid can you be?) but i'm glad he wasn't hurt too badly as well
Im assuming alcohol was involved in both.. I have had many friends who have partied at his house, and I was always told he was an arrogant, self-centered, drunk..

Dont get me wrong, respect everything he did for SD, and continues to do for the community, but I am not surprised.
Ehh NM, just looked at the crash pics.. I doubt he was trying to kill himself. If he was trying to kill himself, he probably would have picked a bigger cliff lol.
Wow, thats intense.  Anyone think it was a suicide attempt?
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