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Up and Coming artist from the West Coast​

Born to Nigerian Parents, Music was always apart of the rapper Jet 2's
life growing up. As an early youth, artist such as 2Pac Shakur, Snoop
Dogg, The Notorious B.I.G., and Eminem helped shape Jet 2's love for
music, and allowed for Jet to find a unique love for the genre, and
the culture. Jet 2 can recall many instances in which he would just
fall in love with the radio at young age. Jet 2 was born with the love
for music because it is in his genes; he is the son of Jerry Ihejeto
which is a musician himself.

Jet 2 enrolled at Susan Miller Dorsey High School in Los Angeles,
California. "Around school, people would rap, and have freestyle
battles, that would draw crowds and I wanted to see if I was actually
as good as I thought I was. I would rap and draw high praise from the
crowds attending, and I took that as a reflection of how could I was,
and how good I could possibly be. So that's when I started recording
any and everywhere that I could, and that's when I started to focus on
honing my craft, and approaching music as a possible career path, and
not a hobby." All throughout high school, Jet 2 recorded a plethora of
songs, and freestyles, that attributed to his name garnering a buzz in
his neighborhood.

There are plenty of things in the future to look forward from the
artist known as Jet 2. His project, "The Mission Back To The Terminal"
is due out in June and with Jet 2's prolific work ethic, there is no
telling what the future holds for him. With everything involving Jet
2's music, he is determined to make sure that his product his a
reflection of his views on life, and his values as well. Jet 2 states,
"When you do music, and actually take it seriously as a career, you
then have a voice." Jet 2's music is filled with stories about
everyday life, and the struggles the average person encounters in
trying to make a life better for himself, and the people around him.

Jet 2 also speaks on having a voice, and possibly having music that
can define the situations that his peers are facing right now. Jet 2
also states that. "With my music, I have a true desire to express my
inner most desires and the world that surrounds me. I want my music to
be an expression of myself, my team, my peers, and my culture because
at the end of the day, I do this for my culture and I hope that
everyone can hear that in my music."​

If You Find Better

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Under The Radar mixtape

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I can tell by the impressive graphics and the whopping 9 views on the videos that this guy is the next big thing. Everybody's sleeping tbh.

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Smallville. said:
I can tell the the impressive graphics and the whopping 9 views on the videos that this guy is the next big thing. Everybody's sleeping tbh.
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