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(Thanks to RelaxRelapse for the cover!)

Soundclouded so you can stream:

DL: http://www.mediafire.com/?hg9tr6aw9gao3qv

hope you all like it!! any criticism is welcome as long as its constructive.

Ding! fresh off the press
said you wanted proof, so accept this vest
need to protect, shots fired from the west,
but none get to me, they know better than to mess
yes, with westerville's best
comin in smooth to remove all bets
flames from my breath will expel all threats
said you need a hero, i'm the last one left

did i say hero? ***** i meant zero*
ruler of the world, callin shots like pacino
first name "i am", last name "the boss"
make a ***** tremble when they stare into my geass*

(*anime reference :p show called Code Geass. never watched the whole series but i know the general plot)

and that's J to the C
comin at you live from that K double T
new domain, same rap game
resume operations from a new batcave
it's how we behave, assume no shame
work night and day to retain that flame
try not to change, keep the flow so dope
i'm doin battle with the blokes in the locs
peerin past my panes, to feel my pain
but they can't even see my shades
take this stage, unleash my rage
introduction of a brand new page


hold up, did i say you exempt?
***** i won't stop, 'less you repent
in a small ville, but i'm no clark kent
i had to give it up like lent
but i'm here to defend from the ones hell bent
to prevent the advent of the heavens,
sent, to get my crown, to lock **** down
man im here to represent my town
opposite of hollow, livin by the motto
handbrake broke, so you know we gotta follow
through, constant, straight to end
i see the finish line right round the bend

don't stop!
i said, don't stop!

in it together, now to forever
its JCM, end with the letters

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added cover art. thanks Relapse!

and ok people, i was trying to keep cool, but why the fuck is it impossible to get any kind of feedback on this? just take 2 minutes out of your life!

i don't care if its good, bad, or meh, i just want some fucking constructive criticism so i can know how im doing!
please guys, i would appreciate it :ohno:
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