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Who gon stop me hah? Beat the odds
Best the Feds, it wouldn’t be wise to bet against the kid
Start me broke, I bet I get rich
Nightshift, six to six
Give me one shot, one pot
I’ll show up in all white, Wearin no socks
No ceiling, new coupe
They know I’m a dope boy, they don’t have no proof
I’m 3-steps-removed, I know how to move
It’s looking like, I don’t know how to lose
I’m winning again, I’m at the Wynn
I’m at the table, I’m gamblin
Lucky lefty, I expect a seven
I went through hell, I’m expectin heaven
I’m owed, I throwed
And I stuck to the G-code
I’m here, oh yeah, I promise I ain’t going nowhere
Ok here, like a hare, like a rabbit
I like karats, I’m allergic to havin bunny ears
Like broke - like nope
Like "ha" - I ain’t no joke
I can’t be stopped, like nope, like nope!
To the beat Noah, two seats in the 911
No Limit on the Black Card
Told y'all I was gonna go HAM
The ocean was my backyard
No lies in my verses, please pardon all the curses
Shit gotta come some way, fuck, when you're growing up worthless
Middle finger to my old life
Special shoutout to my old head
If it wasn’t for your advice
A ***** would have been so dead
I'm living life til these ****** kill me
Turn this up if these ****** feel me
I’m riding dirty, tryna get filthy
Pablo Picasso, Rothkos, Rilkes
Graduated to the MoMA, and I did all of this
Without a diploma, graduated from the corner
Y'all can play me for a muthafuckin fool if you wanna
Street-smart and I’m book smart
Could've been a chemist cause I cook smart
Only thing that can stop me is me
And I’mma stop when the hook start - hold up..


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