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It's not even close, don't get me wrong, Ye had some great verses, and even outdid Jay in a couple songs, but on the whole, Jay's rapping is on another level. 

No Church-Jay cites Plato's Euthyphro and Jehovah and the holy ghost incident with Jesus.  The Pious line is some deep shit.  That shit deep.  Kanye's verse with his imagery is nuts, the forming the new religion part paints a great picture in my head.  But Jay's subject matter and sophistication beats Ye's verse just by a hair

Lift Off-  not much rapping here, but Jay's Earnhart line is super clever. Obviously a lyrically weak track and Ye's singing doesn't help, but I would give it to Jay again.

****** in Paris- I have to give this one to Ye.  Jay had some sweet lines with his 50k fine, and the mike line.  But Kanye's lines about Mary Kate, excusing in French, and his reply to Jay about how many bitches he owns...ohh lawwd

Otis- Triple entendre by Jay, and the cartel verse has some witty lines.  Goes to Jay

Gotta Have it- Jay's first line, are u kidding me? Though I do like Ye's part where he toys with racks, Jay wins no question

New Day-Ahh this is tough because both of them are so open and emotional.  Ye really lets it all out on this track.  I would hands down give this one to him.  Jay's last line hit home though

That's my Bitch-Jay's references to art and women beats Ye's verse easy, though the Mary Magdalene line is dope.

Welcome to the Jungle-Despite the fact that Ye only has a couple of bars, which he kills by the way, Jay goes in hard.  Plus one for Jay

Who Gon Stop Me-Ye's Marv Albert and green faces lines were dope, as well as the Erkle/Oprah line.  But Jay at the end? winnin at the Wynn, graduating to the Moma with no dilpoma, karats, bunnies, hares, ohh my.  Jay wins

Murder to Excellence-Ye wins this one, both go hard, but Ye's excellence verse and shop class line, too hard.

Made in America-Ye again, what a direct and quick verse about his come up and success, and though Jay did the same, I did not feel as much emotion in his lyrics

Why I love you-Kanye barely raps, so Jay.  But on a side note, his reference to Ceasar was dope, as well as the royalties line.  Most emotional song on WTT for me.

Illest Motherfucker alive-Ye's lines about Russels, condoms and staples are hard, but don't compare to Jay's brovado, aptly comparing himself to Bill Russel, MJ, the Beatles,him shitting on Elvis, and of course, the Scarface and Deniro lines are soo right

HAM-Watch the throne drop, and they kill themselves.  Yes they should.  Ye's talk about Eli, or-a-g, beats, Jay's talk about baby money and rappers imitating Jay.

Primetime-Jay's first bar, and his numbers game.  It's all over

The Joy- Ye's line about planned parenthood and the holy trinity are dope.  Jay's verse just goes over people's head, him toyng with Spanish and Latin in his verse is just too nice.  Jay



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