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Ja rule is a true legend
Today kids act like he wasnt running the game back in early 00s

Dude was a game changer with his style taking gangsta rap to a new level
He made 2 classics, made a lot of great hits

Like it or not this little man changed the rap game

and what he actually did to lost all his legacy was loosing a beef against ALMOST THE WHOLE RAP INDUSTRY
i mean it wasnt just 50 and his squad who dissed him i mean i know he started this shit first but no big rapper was there to support ja rule after eminem involved in this shit. I mean he might had a chance if he got some support from hova and dmx ( i mean i dont know how was their relationship but they had a song together in vvv and they was New york and shit) things could be different but its past anyways

Lol i really do hate how people act like ja rule never happened just because he made a bad move ( very very bad move) with that feud but show me a rapper who doesnt make bad moves ?

even with that beef ja rule is still a legend and its really hard to understand right now that how big he was back then just because all media attacked him too.

Yall should stop shading Ja Rule's influence on this singing gangsta rap shit smh
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