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J.Period & Black Thought "Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)"

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"The EP was recorded live on stage during their September 26th performance , and features 30 minutes of Live J.Period remixes while Black Thought eats up every beat that J puts on. Thought rhymes over beats from Foxy Brown, Damian Marley, dead prez, Jay-Z, Snoop, Biggie, Drake, and more. "Put him over any beat, I don't care what beat […] he can hold his own," says J. Period of Black Thought. And the respect is mutual, "I came to do this just on the strength of J. Period saying 'I'm trying to do this joint.' […] I appreciate J. Period's hustle. He's dedicated and he goes in. Once he has a vision, he's gonna see it through to fruition." - Okayplayer


1. "Live Mixtape (Intro) (Live)"
2. "The Next Movement (Live)"
3. "Clones (Live)"
4. "Right On (Live)"
5. "Bam Bam (Interlude)"
6. "Jamrock (J.Period Live Remix)"
7. "Hip Hop (J.Period Live Remix)"
8. "Oh Yeah (JPeriod Live Remix)"
9. "Forever (J.Period Live Remix)"
10. "D.O.A. (J.Period Live Remix)"
11. "One More Chance (J.Period Live Remix)"
12. "Shook Ones (Interlude)"
13. "Survival (J.Period Live Remix)"
14. "Simon Says (J.Period Live Remix)"
15. "Gin & Juice (J.Period Live Remix)"
16. "Thought @ Work (Live)"
17. "Juice (Rakim Tribute Remix)"
18. "Raw (Kane Tribute Remix)"
19. "Children's Story (Slick Rick Tribute Remix)"
20. "Just To Get A Rep (Guru Tribute Remix)"
21. "Live Mixtape (Outro)
22. "Go Hard (Live @ BK Hip Hop Fest) (Bonus)"

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5kdbvu41vmoz8e5​
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This is the reason why Black Thought is a top 3 rapper dead or alive.
just finished listening to this and watched the video that goes along with it (http://vimeo.com/15492429)


Black Thought > your favorite rapper
Libal slander. I have nothing to do with this - illadelf
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