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J. Cole not taking "Coming Home" is the biggest L taken in recent memory

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It went to #7 on the Hot 100 with Diddy's verses
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Might as well get used to him. He makes hits and has a really mainstream sound so he'll be around for a while
UltraKid said:
Don't really care about the song's background, I just hate Alex Da Kid.
This is true about Cole and it will most likely be his downfall
dream-villain said:
some people have too much pride.
Workout. Its far from over but he's 0-1. Hopefully he decides to work with other producers in the future
dream-villain said:
smh at people talkin about his production and downfall before his albums even out.
Listening Party info<<<<

I doubt they'd just trash the album but hopefully thyre right
junriee said:
apparently the production on the album is really good according to someone at the listening party
and they produce too, so will have to wait and see how he does on the album tbh
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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