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I posted this over on kL but. we off that.

i made this canvas using spraypaint. its a 5 layer stencil with a 4 layer backround on canvas.

enjoy and leave comments :)

And i got it signed!

i will be posting my other artwork as well but i have this at hand right now so i figured id post

:) thanks and tell me what you think!


jd3uc3 said:
i actually hate cudi lol. sorry if it offends you but i think hes an asshole and his new shit is...shit.

and thanks CD

gonna make a thread and post all of my art in it real soon.
Lol, it doesn't offend me, as long as you aren't someone who constantly trolls like most of his haters do.

His music is not for everyone for sure!
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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