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I will recommend equipment and programs for people with budgets. Anywhere from a few hundred dollars is your budget to a few thousand. I will help anyone to prioritize what they really need, and how to get the best equipment on the market with what they have. The market for home studios and competition are growing, so a lot of companies are going head to head with larger names like Neumann, Audio Technica, SSL, and others to bring high quality for a lower price.

USB Mic - Audio Technica AT2020 USB. The standard version of this mic is amazing, and the usb version is just as good. It only cost $150 and it's a plug and play. So you wouldn't need an interface with phantom power to use it.

Cables - Monster cables and if you want to get higher quality cables, get Monster Pro Link and Mogami Gold

Condenser Mic - Depends on your budget

Monitors  - Budget

Pop Filter - A metal one lasts a lot longer, and is more effective. If you don't have to use it then don't. Unless the vocalist has a plosive issue.

Headphones - Sony MDR-7506


Mixing - T-Racks 3 Deluxe, I love this program it has everything you would need to make a good mix and master. It works off a chain layout where you plug in what EQ or compressor you like in a row. Like first you would put a EQ section in then a compressor and so on

Mastering - Ozone 4, I did all my mastering on this program. I love it, it has everything you would need to master a record to give it a more professional quality.

WaveLab 3 if you're really into mastering, because that's a mastering program and it's the most complex.

DAW - Mixcraft or Cool Edit Pro 3 (it's old and now it's Adobe Audition) Cool Edit is the first DAW I used and it's a great program to get to learn how a DAW works

Production - FL Studio, I don't care what anyone says about FL being amateur or cheap. It all depends on the user.


Damn this ***** do it all!

I was asking cause I remember him askin me for beats (ofc I wasn't up to par atm) so I assumed he didn't produce
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