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I've never eaten a McDonald's chicken mcnugget

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Is that weird? How are they?
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Rico Suave ***** said:
Is that weird? How are they?
bruh delicious u want the perfect formula
smoke a couple blunts of some potent marijuana aka with lots of THC
go to mcdonalds
Get a Big Mac
A Large Fry
10 to 20pc mgnugget
an apple pie
lots of ketchup for the fries n burger
sweet n sour sauce for the nuggets
get a large orange drink
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Galactic said:
orgasm in your mouth right there
bruh no lie
shit is beutiful
90sBullsTheProphet said:
its a poison tho :kanyeshrug:
okay thot 90 bulls
TheGoodLion said:
Used to be better a couple years back
my cousin got fired finessing mickey D's and giving me and the fam extra nuggets
ThreeCoolKyser said:
Wendy's nuggets>>>>>
Chickfila's nuggets >>>>>

McDonalds alright tho.
mcdonalds go harder then wendys or chick fa lame's nuggets
Galactic said:
anything at mcdonalds looks beautiful when you are stoned  :datass:
going to mcdonalds stoned and seeing the menu and ya have money in ya pockets or on ya card
you be feeling like kanye in the bound video
TheGoodLion said:
Chick Fil A's tenders and sandwiches though>>>>
no no lie noe lie
dont forget they biscuits with sum grape jelly and dem tater tots be gonig inn specially wit dat lemonade
TheGoodLion said:
If we're talking biscuits, Bojangles bruh
if we talking bout biscuits Church's chicken *****

step ya biscuit game up
church's biscuits taste like clouds in heaven
TheGoodLion said:
Might have to go try some church's biscuits next time I'm looking for a fried chicken joint
bruh you wont be disapointed they going have u turnt

Galactic said:
I went in once eyes bloodshot as fuck and the cashier knew i was high and when i asked for a big mac he said no and i was like what the fuck man and he was like "hahahaha I'm fucking with you, you on that ganja" :hah:

he hooked it up with free fries too, god bless that cashier
lmao i love being high af in public ROFL
bruh i emembe rone time we was so high in mcdonalds i was tryna order food and i was like fuck hol up i forgot english then we ordered lmao
chiyo said:
nahhhh. popeyes biscuits>>>> :delfap:
aint got nun on church's they running up
lord knows KFC's biscuits aint shit lol
popeyses and churches chicken be that shit
then KFC
then...dat bojangles chicken
chiyo said:
dont have a churches around here :okay:
u know kfc cant even call themselves Kentucky fried chicken anymore
cause what they sell isnt really chicken.it's mixed with so much other garbage it's illegal for them to say Kentucky fried CHICKEN now :vom:
so they go by KFC :hah:
im so sorry for u i hope they make one soon just 4 u. :hug:
hell yeah lmao that shit tragic thats why i barely fuck with them, only like them when im stoned cause they got that buffet, but then i sober up and realize the trash i put in my body

I stick to church's and popeyes for chicken, church's got the better biscuits, but popeyes got the better chicken its a struggle lmao
Galactic said:
best times at mcdonalds :hah:
bruh this ***** at mcdonalds called the cops on us for weed
then a n hour later i was hanging out with my homie who wasnt with us and he called him asking for weed
bruh we gave this ***** grass
George Washington said:
dide wtf

Why do black ppl call it Fry
Its fries!!!!

You dont only get one huge ass fry

You get fries!!
bruh stop tripping

its just a nick name lol
Rico Suave ***** said:
bruh I'm doing this except replace the Big Mac with a double quarter pounder blt
turn up
STTTHD said:
Did you hear from him again?
lmao i seen him at mcdonalds a couple times lmao

George Washington said:
im sick

And tired

Of people

Calling it



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