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I've never eaten a McDonald's chicken mcnugget

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Is that weird? How are they?
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Used to be better a couple years back
Money_Sex_Drugs said:
mcdonalds go harder then wendys or chick fa lame's nuggets
Chick Fil A's tenders and sandwiches though>>>>
Money_Sex_Drugs said:
no no lie noe lie
dont forget they biscuits with sum grape jelly and dem tater tots be gonig inn specially wit dat lemonade
If we're talking biscuits, Bojangles bruh
Money_Sex_Drugs said:
if we talking bout biscuits Church's chicken *****

step ya biscuit game up
church's biscuits taste like clouds in heaven
Might have to go try some church's biscuits next time I'm looking for a fried chicken joint
chiyo said:
nahhhh. popeyes biscuits>>>> :delfap:
Popeyes got the chicken game on lock too
1 - 5 of 124 Posts
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