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I've never eaten a McDonald's chicken mcnugget

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Is that weird? How are they?
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Money_Sex_Drugs said:
bruh delicious u want the perfect formula
smoke a couple blunts of some potent marijuana aka with lots of THC
go to mcdonalds
Get a Big Mac
A Large Fry
10 to 20pc mgnugget
an apple pie
lots of ketchup for the fries n burger
sweet n sour sauce for the nuggets
get a large orange drink
orgasm in your mouth right there
Money_Sex_Drugs said:
bruh no lie
shit is beutiful
anything at mcdonalds looks beautiful when you are stoned  :datass:
Money_Sex_Drugs said:
going to mcdonalds stoned and seeing the menu and ya have money in ya pockets or on ya card
you be feeling like kanye in the bound video
I went in once eyes bloodshot as fuck and the cashier knew i was high and when i asked for a big mac he said no and i was like what the fuck man and he was like "hahahaha I'm fucking with you, you on that ganja" :hah:

he hooked it up with free fries too, god bless that cashier
Money_Sex_Drugs said:
bruh you wont be disapointed they going have u turnt
lmao i love being high af in public ROFL
bruh i emembe rone time we was so high in mcdonalds i was tryna order food and i was like fuck hol up i forgot english then we ordered lmao
best times at mcdonalds :hah:
chiyo said:
popeyes biscuits>>>> :delfap:
TheGoodLion said:
Popeyes got the chicken game on lock too
popeyes spicy chicken strips, biscuit, and cajun fries wheeewwww :delfap:
1 - 5 of 124 Posts
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