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itunes preoder

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I just preordered Wtt but it looks like itnues only too 2 bucks away...I don't wanna spend my other money I have left and when Wtt comes out they say I don't have enough....I really don't use itunes like that so I don't know
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ok I put an itunes cars on my account....I pre ordered WTT but they only took 2 bucks out my account, I'm asking will they take the money out when it comes out or did I do something wrong
koedog. said:
that made no sense, I tried using context clues and previous knowledge of iTunes, but nothing.
alright thanks I used a itunes gift card...I just didn't wanna buy anything else and bot have enough for Wtt
koedog. said:
When you preorder they don't charge you the full amount until it actually comes out, if you have a credit/debit card on your account the remaining balance will be put on there if you don't have enough iTunes credit
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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