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iTunes 10 issues

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Anyone in the same boat? It keeps telling me, that I can't connect to the Internet. Or well the iTunes Store can't for some reason. And that's not true as the Internet is working for me. So any idea on how to solve this? Or is everyone else going through this issue? I hate this really. First my credit card then the network connection. I need some help.  >_>
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Yeah I know. But it shouldn't be like this. Apple is really doing a bad job in Scandinavia I guess.
hova said:
Update / unistall and install
Already done.
Okay so it stopped working again. It worked today until a few minutes ago. What's going on?
PrinceJane said:
Man, find someone to call at Apple Tech Support or something... Don't know what else to say  :dno:
I've already contacted them. But there way of helping is very complicated bro.
Kanyigga said:
it ocasionally happens sometimes, they're prolly makin changes mine would sometimes be down for a few hours and then it would woork
Oh I see. I do really hope, that's why. But what if it keeps happening everyday?
Kanyigga said:
is that the case?
Yes. I guess, that it got fixed now. But who knows... It might happen again. >_>
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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