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Seriously...I think after changing his sound 4 times he has such a diverse following, everyone wants a different side of him. There's people who despise Devil In A New Dress but love Lost In The World and vice-versa. I think so far Ye has done a good job at making his album diverse in terms of sound, but still I think after experimenting with so many different sounds for 4 years, he can't please a majority of his fans. Some people here are all like :fuu: because Ye isn't making the hardcore - boom-bap album and there are some people like :yay: - everyone opinions on everything here is split.

But like I said earlier I think he did a good job at the diversity in sounds on this album - so hopefully the final product delivers in a very appealing way, but tbh I just can't see him delivering too a lot of his fans at this point, he has too many different styles that certain fan types prefer.

P.S - A lot of you expect wayyyyyy too much out of him as well. Everything he does isn't going to be the best thing in the world, thinking it is only sets yourself up for disappointment.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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