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3 years ago, I posted this thread:


it's been that long and 2 Chainz still has not dropped a bad verse, and he may or may not be the only rapper to never have a bad verse.

My bathtub the size of a swimming pool
Backstroke to my children room
Maybach in the living room
I spent racks on these tennis shoes
****** know what I'm finna do
Time for me to put the mink up
Forgiattos on a Brinks truck
My favorite rapper drove a pink truck
I do shit that you dream of
I was born with a mean mug
I was born with sum' nappy hair, drinkin' breast milk out a lean cup
Tity Boi's my alias
Real ****** my radius
Trill ****** on the song with me
(Only trill ****** I know)
If she bad as hell I'll pay the babysitter
In a black Mercedes with her
Doin' about 180 with her
I was born a hustler paraphernalia in my baby pictures
Resident all eloquent, leather shit in my front yard
TV by my swimming pool, got the bitch like a sports bar
Chevelle with a new motor, got the bitch like a sports car
Ya my name is Tity Boi, I don't fuck with hoes that wear sports bras
Crib bigger than your imagination
Call the trap house the gas station
Call momma's house the Jag station
Emoji sad faces
Look at these ******
I need to buy pocketbooks for these ******
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