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I can honestly say that I "hate" people who smoke it. Not only do I find them to be underachievers, I find their behaviour regularly irresponsible, and discourteous to the public at large when they use it. At least in the state I live in, when it was legalized, it was done so with the stipulation that it was only to be smoked (and only legalized inside) in the users own private residence. But that's not what happens. Instead, parking lots, parks, and the exterior of strip malls are LOADED with marijuana smoke and no one does anything about it because it's "futile" because "it's legal". Meanwhile, small children, babies, heart patients, asthmatics, people recovering from lung surgeries and everyone else that doesn't want it is FORCED it because the weedhead gives a sh*t about anyone except himself.

Personally?- I would love to see marijuana processed into an injectable or even snort-able form so that only the person doing it is exposed to it and THIS should be the only form made available for legal sale since so many apparently need so much.

Of course, I also find it offensive to impose upon me as a non-user/non-abuser to administer narcan or any other "antidote" to a drug addict. Give the opioid addicts a bucket full each and let them have at it. As they tend to be fond of telling us "they have a right" to choose drugs. Strap an oxygen tank filled with marijuana to the weedheads and let them solo inhale for as long as they are able. -But don't ask the rest of us to do it with them.

As smoke it is a human rights violation, and public endangerment, and should be treated as such. As smoke, marijuana violates human rights, public health, and innate rights regarding the human body, of people who DO NOT CONSENT to consuming it.

The drug and it's consumption recreationally have been legalized.

This does not mean that losing our God given right not to be forced into it secondhand has been.
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81 - 85 of 85 Posts