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inshaAllah said:
wayne>>>>. Hes just so poetical. His lines can have so many meanings behind them, or none, or several meanings.. To bad he never gets radio play. Heres some examples

"im straight, my girl ******" (notice, how he makes clever use of the word straight, AND faggat)

"watch out toilet, im the shit" (toilet and shit combined to make a line, difficult to understand, but graceful in its essence)

" I see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crack. My girls can't wear that why, that's where my stash at" (demonstrates struggle , the brendas got a baby of modern times. He reports what he sees, and now we need to make a change.)

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JalalKaiser said:
what... i deleted my message,...that face scares me. Yah i was being sarcastic.
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