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Is November "Break My Pockets" Month?

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KanYe, Cudi, Rihanna, My Chemical Romance, N.E.R.D, Ne-Yo, Nicki Minaj....  :robo: Seriously this shit is FUCKIN' RIDICULOUS! but my wallet's like  :ohno:
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You forgot BEP and Ke$ha. But yeah I agree.
LOL! Well anyway November is going to be very awesome.
iHateFJ said:
Yes she will. :sarc2:
KCir V/s Leirbag said:
well Nicki would get a chance if the month wasn't so stocked. Ke$ha.......um....no.
Yeah. Damn too much music lol.
iHateFJ said:

it can get better is J Cole drops his Mixtape soon enough
Fixed. Oh and...

mikeyzee said:
When it comes to anything not associated with rap and even with rap i only listen to a few rappers, i dont listen to music. As a matter of fact, i dont have presets in my car. I have my iphone plugged in and hear music from that. But as far as radio music goes, i dont listen to it at all. I get most of my music from blogs, so its usually indie bands, local bands etc etc or ESPN radio.

indie > anything on kiss fm.

Sorry if I cant stand katy perry/like a g6 song on the radio all fucking day. I dont know how people can listen to kiss fm in their car 24/7.. I just cant do it.
Look at it again. And no you took it the wrong way lol.
mikeyzee said:
what did you fix? lol and i dont care if kanye likes that song, shit is trash. If kanye tells you to jump off a bridge are you doing it?
I respect your opinion. But I think otherwise. And especially about Gaga. Well November will be a good month. :awesome:
mikeyzee said:
Oh I see haha my bad. See i cant stand lady gaga because shes FAKE. and i dont like kesha because well,.. shes not good. lol
Ohhh. Well that doesn't mean, that she can't return to been the old Gaga. "Speechless" is an example. Also she talked about been "Fake" already in the first album. She wouldn't either work this hard on an album, if she was that fake. But okay what ever floats your boat lol. On the other hand, so is Katy Perry really fake.
mikeyzee said:
See thats the thing, Ive known about lady gaga for a long time. My two best friends LOVE HER. They've seen her in concert on the floor. Shes actually coming to where I work next year in april so i hooked them up with floor tickets. But anyway my point is, Im not denying her talents. Shes a great musician, has a good voice, she writes her own songs, she plays instruments, she dances amazing. But..... shes fake. I dont like fake people. Shes not "Lady Gaga", she was stephanie and it didnt work. So her label told her to change, and to be different and do dance music. Thats why i dont like her.
*Eminem Voice* Where the fuck is the other Gaga fans when I need them? Oh and Aziz is also fucked up in your avatar lol.
AndYe said:
Lady Gaga used at dress of meat to seem special. That is just fucked up.
Lirl. :h5:
mercury201 said:
by this standard you could call 99% of all artists 'fake'
Good. :h5:
mikeyzee said:
i dont like katy perry fool.

But IMO so would I rather be with Rihanna or Gaga. :allears:
mikeyzee said:
but good lord is that woman really good looking.. the things i'd do to katy perry.. mmmmm yum.

I don't care. But she got a nice ass. So :brb:
mikeyzee said:
idk man, gag has a weird nose and mouth... katy perry is perfection.. beautiful eyes, gorgeous face.. great body, huge tits.. :brb: :brb:
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