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is monster gonna have a video?

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Shayjr said:
I gotta sick concept for it but its probably wont happen :'(
care to explain?
i'm all ears.

Shayjr said:
Black and white, old film style,

kayne- king tut/pharaoh
jay - goblin/hulk thing
nikki - bride of frankenstein
bon iver - vampire
rick ross- fat ass werewolf

lol, i can just imagine Kanye waking up in a tomb and
picking up his horus chain and pussy in a sarcophagus
while hes walking out his chamber

JAY would surely do his thing

and you know Nikki would kill that shit... :smug:
they would show Rozay chewing up Jay,

nice idea though, love to see that shit go down.
MahTouhous said:
Highly doubt, but we can dream can't we?  :allears:
And I wonder, to find your dreams come true..
GMC...Relapsed said:
Speaking of Monster, I've just about finished a portrait based on the song. Ye, Nicki and Jay....10 fucking hours with a pencil and paper.

I'll get it posted soon.
Sounds sick, and if it took ten hours in the making, it's a definite masterpiece.
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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