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I read a Lasers review that I was given a link to (in which Lasers was given a 9 overall) and I skimmed through the comments.

Here's the most interesting one there:

Everyone hopping on the bandwagon saying lupe sold out or the album is sh-t because it is over produced might as well shoot themselves. This may be Lupe’s best work yet, the entire album is a double entendre. It’s not news to hear that Lu was forced by the man to make lasers the way the label wanted it to sound. Then to finally hear the entire album with its radio friendly production and for Lu to still be able to spread the message that he wanted the people to hear. Thats art right there. It’s like having a PSA on how bad fast food is, in a McD’s(good). Label; this is our album to put Lu on the radio. Lupe; this is the peoples album to bring truth to the radio. If i went over any of your heads please continue listening to YM or keep your MBDTF on spin, fruits.

Thoughts? :epic:
1 - 20 of 80 Posts
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