Kanye to The banner

is it just me?

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is it just me or does Maybe have the same vibe as soundtrack to my life?  :twisted:
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Dont Play This Song has more of a STML vibe.
Cudi. said:
Whats "maybe"?
This is a Bonus Track or something like this
Sounds very dope.
THP850 said:
Yes, its from the album.
skyhigh said:
dont wanna listen, is it off the album?
CudiIsMyBuddy:) said:
Dont Play This Song has more of a STML vibe.
its the bonus track, track 18
imo maybe was one of my fav snippets I heard.
dont play this song i like it
yea maybe and ashin kusher sound the best that we havent heard live or leaked and is it me or does the end sound very
outkast idk
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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